• Image of Vholdghast - Låt Oss Förbrinna CD

1. Lat Oss Förbrinna
2. I Am
3. Born God
4. Walk with Fire
5. Disillusion of Grandeur
6. False Divination
7. The End of Existence
8. Worship Us
2015 release from the Metal band. Vholdghast has been around since 2002 and is the brainchild of Jonny Pettersson and Fredrik Ringström. After several demos and shape shifts they finally found their "own" sound and recorded a demo that sounded just how they imagined the band to sound. They drafted Christian Netzell and Rickard Persson into the band and proceeded to record their debut album Låt oss förbrinna. The aim of Vholdghast is to create extreme metal with no limits, drawing inspiration from all that they love about extreme metal. The album was recorded in three different studios and finally mixed and mastered at Nevo Studios by Roger Bergsten