• Image of Krigsblast – Dawn of the Apocalypse Cd

Led by Shane (PHOBIA) Austin, Texas based d-beat squad returns with second full length. 9 brand new songs of brutal and metallic d-beat/crustpunk in the vein of ANTI-CIMEX, DISCHARGE, BASTARD, WOLFPACK, with fair dose of black metal darkness heavily influenced by DARKTHRONE. On “Dawn Of The Apocalypse” the band perfectly blends d-beat catchiness with black metal bleakness. Recorded at Come And Track It Studios and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door (NAILS, DARKTHRONE, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, POISON IDEA). Artwork by Jasper (PHOBIA, NOISEAR, P.L.F., THE KILL, PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI).

1. Malicious Breed
2. Submission
3. Only The Body Is Buried
4. Dawn Of The Apocalypse
5. Evil Is Burning
6. Count Your Stings
7. No Way Out
8. Silence
9. Fear And Depression