• Image of REVEL IN FLESH - Relics of the Deathkult CD

Servants of the Deathkult! War Anthem Records is glad to announce the upcoming release of Germany´s most notorious death metal act Revel in Flesh. With "Relics of the DeathKult" you will be able to get all their on 7"EP released songs (period between 2012-2017) on one CD. The album includes 11 songs including great cover versions of Master, Death (Official) and Headhunter D.C.! The artwork has been crafted by no one less than Juanjo Castellano Rosado.


Corpus Vermis
A Chant of Misery
Phlebotomy: Blood Dripping Healing
Nightrealm Ghouls: The Dead Will Walk the Earth
The Ending in Fire
Casket Ride
Pay to Die (Master cover)
Mutilation (Death cover)
Deny the Light (Headhunter D.C. cover)